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Queen's Daughters

Providing Royal Service to Those in Need

Homeless Outreach

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Shoes, School & Medical Supplies

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We exist to end needless suffering

Twice monthly, the foundation funds, assembles, and distributes approximately 100 bag lunches, hygiene kits, and/or resource packets to the homeless population in Baltimore, Maryland. During the winter months, we also collect and distribute socks, gloves, scarves and blankets.

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Libraries and Computer Centers


Our mission is to raise awareness and help eradicate poverty through services and outreach to homeless people, low-income families and at-risk youth. Further, we aim to create opportunities for empowerment and restoration of those living in poverty. Through our Homeless Outreach, Library and ICT/Computer Center Commissioning, School and Medical Supply Drives and Distribution, we strive to end suffering of all mankind. The foundation also provides Safer Sex Packets in an attempt to educate on and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STDs.
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Each year we host our Ghana Supply Drive. Participants and supporters can drop off donations of book bags, paper, pens, pencils, crayons, new or gently-used shoes, bandages, gauze, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, hand sanitizer, and more. Supplies are distributed and serve more than 2,000 people in need.

Together, we can make a difference

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+1.4104358436 • nanaakua1@gmail.com
QueenMother Akua has commissioned three ICT/computer center and one library in rural/traditional areas in Ghana. They provide internet service and technology to over 1,300 students. In 2017, Nana Akua will commission two additional computer and art activity centers through the Queen's Daughters Foundation.
The Queen's Daughter's Foundation, Inc.
The Queen's Daughters Foundation was established by Queen Mother Nana Akua Adabowa I (aka Dr. Akua N. Zenzele) and her two daughters-- Ayanna Naeelah and Amirah Nyla in order to expose the princesses to philanthropy, social action, and community outreach. 

Please consider donating your time and/or money to support our program. W
e are always collecting books, computers, printers, summer clothes and shoes, book bags, and school supplies.